016 support
Skills which support other skills, or gameplay in general.

Support skillsEdit

017 Agility Agility 017 Agility
Improves run energy regeneration rate, allows as well access to shortcuts around the world.
018 Thieving Thieving 018 Thieving
Allows the player to steal from NPCs. Higher levels reduce failure rate and allows more prestigious targets to be stolen from.
019 slayer Slayer 019 slayer
Allows certain resilient craetures to be damaged. Higher levels allows more powerful creatures to be slain.
020 Dungeoneering Dungeoneering 020 Dungeoneering
Allows certain creatures to be damaged. Higher levels won't affect the XP-rate.

About this pageEdit

Thanks to Deflexus & Elnyra for the contributions to this page.

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