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Welcome to the Lost Realm wiki. Leave no questions unanswered on Lost Realm: search and gather information for your personal needs, and feel free to add some if you wish to contribute

Important links!Edit

Lost-Realm 718 - Home
From the home page you can find anything on the website. Including the client downloads or the webclient, the forums, and donation and vote links. Everything you need! Click the home icon to go to the Lost Realm homepage.

On the for
Lost-Realm 718 - Forums
ums you can find help if your new, guides and tutorials, assistance from moderators or admins, and so much more that will come in handy once you start playing. Click the forum icon to get to the Lost Realm forums.

Lost-Realm 718 - Webclient
For the Lost Realm Webclient, click here! 

The webclient has every option exacty like the download version!

Lost-Realm 718 - Download
To download Lost Realm, click here!

The Download Version (Desktop Client) is the same as the webclient! To test the server you can use the webclient as well...

Lost-Realm 718 - Vote
When you vote, you don't only help the server grow and become bigger, you also earn awesome rewards! It takes 45 seconds to vote on just 2 links! Click the vote icon to get to the Lost Realm vote page.

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